“Remember where you came from”. Whether I was beginning my undergrad studies or accepting my first real job offer, these words have seemed to follow me along every step of my life journey. They likely follow you too; so, is there some hidden meaning implied in this “universal” message? Tokyo Story might provide some insight

Japanese cinema is a panther: its beauty is sleek, its action is sharp, and its presence is… mystical.

Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai is one of the most influential pictures ever created. Toho’s Godzilla has rampaged the box office for decades while providing a somber metaphor for nuclear power. If these films are the elders of Japanese cinema, then the thought-provoking animation produced by Studio Ghibli is their offspring; innovative art, crisp characters, and gripping narratives exemplify the promise of cinematic posterity.

Yet, why is Tokyo Story, with its melodramatic plot and meticulous cinematography, regarded as not only the greatest of all…

Max Bittner Olsthoorn

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