“Remember where you came from”. Whether I was beginning my undergrad studies or accepting my first real job offer, these words have seemed to follow me along every step of my life journey. They likely follow you too; so, is there some hidden meaning implied in this “universal” message? Tokyo Story might provide some insight
Ascertaining a universal meaning of life has proved to be a historic struggle. Likewise, defining “beauty” has proven as formidable a challenge, but hints of an answer were revealed in 1966 with the debut of Andrei Rublev
Underneath the romantic shell of Casablanca lies a peculiar human trait detached from emotional desire, lust, or greed. The entrepreneurial spirit of the wildcard Rick Blaine is laudable, but its the character’s selflessness that deserves the most attention
If any of my friends or family asked for a movie recommendation, I wouldn’t hesitate in responding with Children of Men. This isn’t just because of its quality or acclaim; rather, it’s due to the picture’s relevance in today’s world, and the importance that it carries into our future
2001 balances epic spectacle with poignant, cerebral themes. In doing so, the film accomplishes what few movies do: changing the way in which we not only consider our future, but how we as humans will explore and ultimately adapt to it
Showcasing the mythology of the Lost Cause, Gone With the Wind’s characterization of the antebellum South and it’s alteration throughout the Civil War sheds light on an element of history often overlooked, though in the process, chooses to neglect dark truths for the sake of its own beauty
From the printing business to politics, Charles Foster Kane’s ascension in a capitalist’s world illustrates both the beauties and the horrors that distort the true meaning of achievement.

Max Bittner Olsthoorn

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